The girl rides furious circles. Soft sand clouds fly out behind pounding
hooves. Shoe does not quite realize the noise that she is making
glorious rushing beat of her heart drowns out all other
Night is near and I can see the
reflected in her soul. I was sitting
on a rock looking in a book for the
of the universe and not making
much progress. Looking toward martyred figures for advice and not making
much progress. Looking in
and not making much progress. The
rocks were cold and uncomfortable beneath me. Me and my thighs and eyes,
but I would not let myself move for fear of disturbing the growing feeling I
allowed myself to create
And I was not making much progress. The stars
manifested at me. Passionate streams of fire rose from the ground and walls
to kiss me but I pushed it away. Yes I pushed it away because I was
meditation. N
thing shall let me or pass before me and disturb my
meditation. I will find it this way. Yes so it is written. The coyote cam
and said visions of love to me gave me illusions of grandeur but I was afraid
to listen. I was only listening to the endless twining flow of thoughts
running through my golden brain. And I was not making much progress. I
tried to kill myself but did not make much progress and moved on to other
things. And here the girl the flower the goddess the all the it cam to me
riding serene naked unembarrassed uncaring and set her twilight soul in
front of me. And it spat on me. Yes it spat on me it covered my face
dribbled down me. Soaked my pants my bare chest ran through my bare
toes and I felt so soiled. I felt impure. I felt afraid. I felt angry because this
unknowing bitch had interrupted my precious thinking. And she smiled and
all I could feel was confusion