Iwatch her calmly and I do not know why I am.
I taste her and explore her with my eyes.
The feel of her velvet nearness overwhlems me.
She is white and glows and I know that I would do anything and
everything for her.
She is my world and she is real and I long for her because she is not mine.
Long strokes of golden sunlight.
Rich and yellow and I caress it and do not touch her at all bcause I am
I fear that I will want to kiss her and love her as best I can and she will shun me
and I will die because there is nothing for me without her.
She looks at me and catches me eyeing her and I turn bright blue, but I
cannot turn away because she is so beautiful.
I wish for and then not so that she will remain narness free and
spread throughout the world while I am conten
t to watch.