deep blue eyes shine out in the evening shine
for you
i stand before totally before you
all of me is yours
beauties and flaws
m not perfect only perfect for you
slightly bluish letters
floating no no no swarming
across my face
a velvet sunset
a rush
s what you are
a swarm across my thoughts
no you are my thoughts
my dreams my ambitions
deep far flung deep
ve never been so deep
in love
with you
the unimaginable the only you
beth bonady beth c. bonady not liz not lizard not liza
but the only beth for me
i ramble i write i roam
and all things lead towards you
or should i say towards home
rules bend for you i live for you the sun shines for you my warm blooded heart beats for
the one

looking at the sky on a blue day
pretending to hang upside down
slapping myself in the face
spinning naked in a fullmoonlit field just past shingletown
compares not to you
i think that you are like the snowcone i had the other day
most snowcones that you g
et are nice
but with only a couple of shots of flavor
enough maybe to stain your lips
but that
s all
and then i had the snowcone that ended all time
the snowcone that vindicated history
so so so utterly saturated with flavor sweet sticky red wet flavor
inches of flavor
blood red ice that stained my entire mouth for hours
that gave me a sugar high so so
i have never had a finer snowcone
you darling are like that snowcone
except kissing a snowcone is not nearly as warm
nor as responsive
every time i am with you only you

(sandstone oceanside cliffs nice to sit in and be rocked by the surf)
is different
boring stagnant
and all other dull adjectives
bright bold beautiful alliterative
sunshine sunset feel of warm fur
soft feeling of an incense filled room
and i am not flattering
you have been so many things throughout time
it started when man first looked at the sky
& saw the stars
saw infinity
the feeling man got then
when the indians
went off to find themselves when the
chanted and danced in the sparks around the ravenshadowed fire
the feeling they got then
so many things
genius is inspired
masterpieces are given to the world
poems are written
so many dreams
dreams that the world will never equal with its natural
are spawned from things only half as splendorous as you