who are you? who has laughed at me? who has teased mocked stripped
me of my dignity? you have looked at me and quietly shaken you head
with disgust. what reason do you have to despise me? I have never hurt
you nor ever tried to. would i? i almost wish i could. i look at you and
your foppish
friends and dream of destroying you. i dream of taking
you apart piece by piece as you have done to me. my passivity does
nothing to change you though. you seem to mistake it for
and it
eggs you on. would you change your ways if you knew what i
d like to do
to you? what i could do to you. or would you laugh ignorantly and begin
again.. your torments mean nothing to me. i am numb. i have no way to act
and at the same time no desire to. i just look at you. i stare deep into your
eyes and see how black and bitter you really are. usually your gaze never
falls on mine but once in a great while you heated stare locks with mine
that is all but empty. you look right into me and shudder with fear
for an instant you see what i am capable of. i know. i can see you fear
smell it taste it. i can almost reach out and wrap it around you twisted
throat, it is that tangible. i feel your fear and i laugh for i am above you.
some say you are better. some say we are equal. i say i am superior
because i have not killed you yet.