'Hello said marsha' to the boy in the tight jeans as he stood on his horse
wanting to fuck her.
"I will not have you wench is his reply" and he is gone and he is sad
because he lied to her
a tear twinkles from her eye as she takes the blade from her pocket. there
is a hole in her leg (small) from where its openess has rubbed against her.
she takes it and tenderly draws it against her slender wrists and watches
with quiet awe the blood running out
it comes slowly at first running down her arm as she holds it to the sky.
it speeds up gushing and spurting her life away and turning her white
cotton sleeve and armpit the same deep blood crimson as the evening sky.
the it knows she is dying and it decides to tell the world about it in the
hopes that someone will try to stop her.
everynight for her but someone different it tries to tell everyone but they
ignore it
they do not care or if they do they do not act
looking up from his horse the boy sees the sky
it is not as red now
it is starting to become blacker and blacker
the girl sinks slowly to the ground as the last drop of blood paints the
grass below her
knows this from the sky and he is angry and sad and he rides for
he is too late and he knows it but he must try anyway
he believes it will make him feel better he is wrong
he comes upon her cold and empty body he looks at her and he is sad
because he could not die with her
he could not fuck her before she died
he is condemed to walk while she may sleep
he is warm though and for that he should be thankful she is cold
he thinks of this and wishes that he could give her a blanket or something
but she is gone and he must ride away
but first he takes off his tight jeans so that he may ride away naked

but alone