i still remember you and your groovy smiley face
i remember sharing space with you and being close to you
hands and feet and faces somewhat
at first just hands resting against each other
then fingers intertwined a wee bit
finally bliss and hands locked in embrace
then me leaving the room and finding you where i had been and me taking
the opposite portion of bed
all the while holding hands
yours without rings mine with only one
you put our hands between your warm knees
i reached up and stroked your soft golden strands
only yours
your hand ran soothing across my stubbly chin my cheeks my dry lips and i
kissed the tip of your fingers
and i did the same and you sucked lightly on the tip of every finger on my
right hand
and my heart sped up a little bit more
heads moving closer and closer together
i stared into your eyes
you stared back into my
the expression on your face was so so so so so
beyond words and i moved a little bit closer to you
heads touching fingers exploring faces
noses tip to tip
and then our eyes closed and we introduced our lips to the others for the first
i tasted your sweet red lips that i had wanted to for so long
you pushed your fine tongue into my mouth where it met mine and they
twisted around each other
i checked out the inside of your mouth
two tongues frantically pushing and shoving in two different mouths
your lips and mine all wrapped up and then we slowly pulled apart
it must have been at least 5 minutes because the movie was over
and so we started another
i looked at you smiling and you smiled back
and you were so beautiful and sexy i couldn
t stand it
my lips took a dive for yours again
and i could hear you panting through your nose and i think i was too and
my heart was running about a mile a minute
oh your tongue was so right in my mouth and mine so good in yours
my hand was on the side of your head when you took it
yours again
and moved down to your breasts
pushing my hand against you
and you kissed me harder and of course i kissed back
then you were pulling up your shirt i was sliding my hand up it
to cup your nylon covered breasts
well half covered anyway
and i alternated between the smooth skin and n
of the two
and our tongues were flying
our lips making deep sucking noises
and i could feel your heart pounding furiously under your smooth skin
i was out of breath when we stopped
but i could have kissed you forever
and i just lay there with my eyes closed my head against yours when it was
over holding you and you holding me back
and i was and am so happy with you
you and your legs and eyes and lips and breasts and selves
re so compatible with mine