...'The Day Millicent Found the World' by William StaffordAnd now not only the giant trees are strange.
    Here was the universal bong and we drank from it and it tasted bitter because it was our fear and not the fruit of human hands that they had promised us.
    A messanger came to us and told us not to shun and then he died and once a week, we eat him from a bowl.
    We cut him into pieces and stamp on his demise and we drink his blood and our ignorance and our rules and we enslave ourselfes ot one man with too much power.
    We are not allowed to deal with our problems.
    The giver of the meat takes them away and puts them in the blood and we drink and come crying back for more.
    Only the chosen few are symbolic cannibals.
    We are good and true and we have to many children to feed and smallpox to wipe it clean and rules to prove.
    We have so many rules.
    We have rules for our rules for our rules for our rules and we obey them and we take in the meat and we are happy and loving and kind and gather and we shred the world alive.