"Hello Alice." said the dog beast in a quiet loving voice. It
watched her and looked at her quietly. She was unable to see its
"Hello." she replied her voice tremored slightly as she knew
that it frightened her.

"You realize that I'm going to kill you." pondered the dog.
Alice could see that it was pondering and she wondered why.

"Well I wonder what you're think about. How your sweat tastes?
Is it from fear? How does it feel? Would you rather that I had
just ripped you apart and not stopped to talk.?" countered the
dog beast.
Alice was starting feel quite dizzy as the conversations true
meaning begain to sink in and her increasingly steady feeling of
surrealism enveloped her.

"I don't know the answers to any of those. this is a dream. my
nightmare you fantasy. This is quite the power trip isn't it?"
she was near tears by now.
"Well." the dog beast sat thinking for an almost
unbearable amount of time.

Alice sat sweating. Her white shorts were quite damp and sticking
to her inner thighs. She looked at the dog. He was watching her.
Still wondering about her question, formulating his own reply. A
flash of desire ran over her as she scanned his proud body.

"Dog or no dog." half of her thought " that is a damn sexy

"SHUT UP SHUT UP" she screamed at herself and her
twisted thoughts. Thoughts that would only come at the hours of
death. Only the knowledge of her undenying futility could bring
about such horrific dreams.

She had not realized that she was screaming aloud until she
opened her eyes and saw that the wolf had taken a step back, not
out of fear, but to continue watching from what might be a
slightly safer distance.

"I'm sorry" she said in a small voice, rather
embarrased at her childish antics.
"No need to apologize" said the dogbeast with and throaty noise
that could only be a chuckle. "I would imagine that this is a
fairly traumatic experience for you."
"Your GoDdAMN RiGHT" Alice nearly shriekd at him. her
self pity turning rapidly into hysterical anger. In her mind she
reached out her hands. He was much smaller now and he only
whimpered as her hands closed around his throat. She picked him
up and begain to shake him and strangle him at the same time.
"YOU WonT KILL mE you FUcKInG ANIMAL." weaping and
crying and laughing insanely as she shook him. His neck was
broken before he even had time to die from choking.
She looked at him and he looked back. His eyes were
cold and unfeeling as his silence greeted her tantrum.

"Oh aren't we pompous you hideous fur thing" she shouted trying
desperately to make him say something. AnythinG so then she could
wake up and be safe, but his response was emptiness.

and she cried. she cried because she knew she was about to die.
she thought about how he would kill her.
The worst part would be as he stalked her in aimless circles. Not
knowing when he would jump. Her heart beating faster and Faster.
This only exciting his thrill for his kill. He would walk and
walk and then in a fluid motion of his back legs, he would be in
her lap ripping her open. Gutting her and eating her. working
his way to her throat where she would be left wombless and choking
in her blood as he began to work on her legs.

A ripple shook her out of her revery and a terrible
sense of dread overcame her as he begain to walk. He paced her .
Over and over around and around.

she waited anxiously as he stalked.
"just kill me. please. just kill me." she begged
and he smiled as his circle continued around her faster and faster
and closer and closer until she was trapped in a whirling
hurricane of beast dog waiting to die.
but he would not give her the satisfaction.