here is the darwin fish and the jesus fish, standing face to face. the darwin fish loathes the
jesus fish and slaps him leaving a white then red mark on his face as if the jesus fish was
embarrassed to be near the darwin fish.

but i love you
says the jesus fish and he steps
forward that he might partake in the lips of the darwin fish. the darwin fish is confused,
leaning forward he knows not what he does. the warm dry lips of the jesus fish touch the
darwin fish
s tenderly and then tightly as the jesus fish sinks his teeth into the lower lip of
the darwin fish.

and the jesus fish stood before his disciples and said take this lip all of
you and eat it for it is that of the heathen which i have torn for you
intones the jesus fish.
the darwin fish is alone, not knowing what to do for the jesus fish has grown and groan.
leaving, his chin bloody, the darwin fish searches for connections, trains of thought that
run like his own, he needs spare parts. the jesus fish takes this to be surrender and smiles.
he is wrong. the darwin fish is real. the jesus fish has been stolen. by a man