the christmas goon eats the red rockets his heroin stained
lips cry for more
live the life you wanted to live i will live it for you
because i love you
cry for it she screams
t you show that much compassion

marry it and its bites and bumps and whines
throw it off the wall screams the blue danube
rings in my ears
it lives in three
crossing does not keep me away and he smiles for me how
rare how....rare
silent pensive not cold he writes his head he speaks his
i lie and it eats me and for a brief moment they are
shadows in the empty
cept for us church
he reads powerful
i lie on the floor
i do that a lot
how new and comfortable this all is
his happiness says babble on my friend for it is not and he
stutters slightly and runs off into the night
mouse where are you?
puncuate me teacher i have changed do you see it?
do you feel it pulse from me?
my arms have no holes i am not that obvious

hands up to you too
i love them all and we cry together
cry me a rain full brown bucket and then i can drown
t hurt me anymore
does it ever stop?

i wish it would stop?
go back go back go back
what kind of answer is that? i wish i could
i turn and freeze them in my heads and we are all sad and
love them me i it all
fuck the masked