whats this? a face from a while back remembers me and
nervously as i am
but happy as i am
Remember rollerskating? Viking Skate Country, Redding, CArollerskating snowballing learning to turn
clinging on to us to stop
sweaty smiling palms in a movie theatre
looking from hand to movie to face to hand
and then home and hands are still joined but in a car
and a short ride too short for me
wanting a kiss even a little one
settling for a hug out of fear
promises to see
her again to see me again

promises of poems
this will be one of them
more skates and movies and smiles and
prom? yup even me
ll dump someone so i
can go
with her and a long nifty green dress
that she was afraid wouldn
t fit her
i knew it would
how perfectly i must wait to see
The last 4 of her phone #1495 almost the year columbus found the indians
we will make amends together
do i need a I did wear a tux. We had dinner at a fancy Italian place and stayed at prom for about 2 dances before we left to go make out.tux?
justin will know
he is experienced