the proud man wrapped his happy arms around the stony loving wary tree
loving and feeling it
sharing one being
fucking it
reach out and touch the one you love
take in your arms and hands and run your feet on it and lick it and let it rip your tongue
because it is sharp
the tree is trusting a bit because the man seems harmless like the constitution
the man pulls out the ax
slowly like a lover he cuts the tree torturing it sliding the ax gently and pristinely through the
swarthy tree flesh
do you feel the tree scream?
does it move you?
do you enjoy it?
does it hurt can you feel the steely black running across your back
is your back warm with blood?
the candles lie all around the wax drips and doesn
t care for the tree
the tree is alone on the ground sapless and heartless and the man has betrayed him thinks
the wife for she can relate to the tree
fucking voyeur take your meat
can your children
eat the tree flesh
is it blood lust nondiscriminating
if it bleeds at all red or green or bug blood do you crave it?
do you carve it ?
do you cut yourself to watch the blood come out
an insatiable urge to kill
cut meat red meat eat fucking good
chop chop
oak doors are thick oak trees are thick with dirt and mushrooms and fungus and fuck i
don't know
decomposing eating back to the dirt
back into the system natures own little hierarchy with nothing at the top but death
go up an up and up and die and break down and start going up the ladder again
t win can
t win feel it grab the next rung
it is wet with your own blood and the blood of your children that you spill for uncle tom
and whip and whip and sting and slip down a little bit like climbing a sand dune dune dune
dune dune dune dune
hear the drums
hear them pound on them
release release
live for the code of the moment
say what needs to be said
fuck the tree maybe it needed to die
fuck you with your Both a reference to the Jane's Addiction song 'Three Days' and one of my many BBS handles.erotic jesus and morals and limitations
maybe you needed to die so the tree can uproot your home. Pig.
too good for you fop.
love the tree
hold it like i held you and your mind in my lap
crooning softly.