darling the sky is shining diamond blue
a deep fragrant color that reflects in your eyes and moods
i think of sitting with you
on the floor of your room
your hand and carpet rubbing the backs of my legs
i remember the feel of your hot breath on my shoulder
the feel of your tender body pressed warmly against my o
i miss you my dear
my brain flutters with grateful thoughts of you
scents of you
without a doubt i could find you by smell
by sight is easy
your room your touch
a howling dog out front
and I may join it because without you i fe
i think beth beth
what do i do
what am i
supposed think where am I going???
god im
im crazy
batty as a fucking bedbug without you
i am so so
deeply in love wi
th you my darling
sweetness the taste of your fine lips
your slender form a
float flying in a pool that nearly matches the
i think back to every word ive
made for you
just for you
the finest ive ever made is for you
and yet somehow i havent
written enough
i havent captured you my love for you
but then i think it should be free and wanting
and desirable like you
and the utterly sexy sultry gazes you give me on the way home
almost makes me want to pull the truck over
and cover you with myself and kiss you again
my ears flood with plaintive guitar chords of Jane
s Addiction
a glowing screen runs into my eyes drying them
a scratchy chair against my bare back
and god i wish i was with you
sidled up against you
feeling your warmth and mine sharing back and forth
my arms wrapped around you and yours around mine
a longing blanket of arms and legs and lips entwined
woven like the fine blankets of
so many years ago
now to be peddled at stands by roads of the white mine
and none of it means a damn thing to me except you
you beth are what matters to me
and so i wish for you and you witticisms and glances and your
sweet sweet
touch and to touch you back
nothing finer than to be in love with you my darling
and i miss you my dear.
For Beth:
To keep her from being too sad whilst in
Europe. To let her know that I am always
with her, always loving her. And I will
always see her again.
mark b