Orangutan Vomit by Erotic Jesus & Ashen                  

Your wrists smell like cheese doodles.
Do you love the antelope?
Dogs are cute.
Follow the antelope if it will guide you?
This bag of cheese doodles smells like wrists.
Watch the solitary antelope in the quiet hours of dawn.
"Watch the frog", said Alice.
as she flew away
The antelope is happy for its salad is fresh and green.
Cheese doodles stop groping my leg.
HAve you ever been in love with and antelope in the sun.
Nothing we're saying is true
but we are lying.
I trust the antelope. It will guide me to the moons of Abab.
Crucify the antelope.
Touch it. Love it.
"my pen has two caps" said the antelope in an overwhelmingly sexy voice.
The antelope is eating my cheese doodles, it's horns smell of wrists.
I cry to the antelope "Do not touch the fan of Athmanon. It will cut you."
Throttle the antelopes face into the floor.
It does touch the fan and I am sad for I do love it much.
Ooo whirling blades so beautiful and bright.
I have almost finished my painting. It has two and 9.7 antelopes in it.
Dogs are almost human.
Antelopes stand alone.
Mans is man.
Antelopes is not nicht in German.
I am what I am.
I do long to be an antelope or to bear its children.
Said PopEye the sailor man.
I do have a rubber bouncy ball made from antelope intestines.
The instestinal stitches didssolved in my finger while taking a shower.
Do antelopes read the paper?
I cut myself running.
Why oh why did the antelope go to spain to eat frog legs when there aren't any?
The end is near.
Pray that the antelope will save you.
Said the antelopes friend the dear.
Repent to the antelope lest ye burn in Deleware.
My head is a blank too bad it still shoots.
"Flowers on the wall" cries the antelope for you.
An poem
Ashen and Erotic JEsus.